There is more than wheat and canola growing in Saskatchewan

At North 40 Cannabis we strive to bring you a better cannabis experience. Our focus is on THC and terpene production and delivering them to you in a cured, hand crafted cannabis product.

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Methods Matter

High Pressure Aeroponics, nano technology, vapor pressure deficit charting and LED lighting are some of the tools we use to dial in our growing processes. We are huge believers in finishing our buds by hand trimming and providing a proper cure under tightly controlled conditions. Terpene production and preservation is something we take extreme care to execute as we understand the entourage effect and the benefits of the whole plant experience.

Mechanical Hallway

Quality Commitment

We are a small cannabis company that can only compete if we can offer a better product. Everything we do is directed at quality. As enthusiasts, we personally test every product to ensure it will surpass your demanding expectations as a mature consumer. It’s how we’ll survive.