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Pear Effect

If you want to feel the Pear Effect you’re in the right place! In fact, this one is exclusive to our farm and medical platform. This rare treat will bless users with off-the-wall flavors and an effect like no other. Created from a long list of legacy “head stash” cultivars, we hunted this cut to showcase a new kind of flavor.

Strong and undeniable floral notes compliment a delightfully sweet pear and penny candy vibe. Imagine standing in the 5-cent isle as a kid not knowing what to fill your bag with, peach rings, gummy worms, Mojos and marshmallow frogs, it’s all there! And it’s all here in this rare and unique strain.

Just above 20% THC, Pear Effect’s light green sparkling buds can be enjoyed any time without being too heavy. A lighter more uplifting experience awaits those who manage to try this North 40 unicorn.

Available in Flower and Hash.

Platinum OG

What happens when you mix a bit of the new school into a time-tested classic? Platinum OG of course! North 40s Platinum OG is nothing short of a resin factory, This In-House Genetics heavy hitter is absolutely coated in resin, deeply purple flowers and massive trichomes show what true power is all about.

Platinum OG secures its place on top with an incredible nose that is as complex as it is pleasing. Plunging the depths of earth and hashish said to deliver a sedative couch locking euphoria, while hints of black pepper, spices and kerosene relax the mind into pure canna-bliss.

This stellar cultivar has been the basis for many of our North 40 hash projects ranging from punched-up pre-rolls, hash rosin, and solvent-less vape carts!

Available in Hash Rosin, Magnums, and Vape Carts.


After something a bit different? Look no further than North 40 Sourdough! Bred from the highly popular Gelato lineage (with a touch of Cookie and a bit of Chemdawg), Sourdough boasts an impressive pedigree.

High levels of cannabinoids help give Sourdough a euphoric and long-lasting effect. Dense, round, hand-trimmed buds come crusted with sweet and sticky resin heads. Our commitment to a proper and well-timed cure adds levels of depth to the flavor and aroma of this strain.

Does it taste like a loaf of bread you ask? Well…. not exactly. As the name suggests, there is a slight hint of warm doughy sourness tucked perfectly into soaring notes of lemon and pine. Finish this already stacked profile off with the infamous sweet-yet-gassy Gelato flavour and you’ve got a real winner.

Available in Flower, Pre-Rolls, Hash, Rosin, and Vape Carts.

Madam X

The mysterious Madam X was an enigma right out of the gate. She hid in the back corner of a grow while Uncle Gord and team were hunting for new strains. She went largely under our radar until we noticed an incredibly pungent smell wafting its way from the back. From that point forward we knew this was no joke, the insane aromas only increased as the grow finished up and she grew much taller than we ever expected!

Sharp, pointed buds with Pale greens and white hair add to the familiar yet exotic look of Madam x. Showing off a slightly smaller bud than many other strains, Madam X always delivers dense, rock hard nugs that burst with intense flavors.

Despite the extra strong nose of jet fuel and gas, users can expect a sweet flavour experience almost like delicate icing sugar with a touch of lemon and lime.

Available in Flower.

Ladies Night

Uncle Gord has done it again; Ladies Night is yet another exclusive! Bred by the team at In-House-Genetics and hunted by North 40. This Indica dominant cultivar didn’t fall far from the family tree. Matching up the famous “Angel Cake cut” with OGKBV2 the breeder doubled down on some of the top gear in their library.

Deep hues of burgundy and royal purples show off her bling! Glistening silver resin heads. This cut isn’t just a looker though, she packs one serious kick! True dank kush and strong spice flavors permeate every bud making this one of our funkier cuts.

If heavy hard-hitting bud is your bag look no further, turn up the funk and make it a Ladies Night.

Available in Flower.


A pure Indica, Colada draws its lineage from the wildly popular Papaya crossed with Banana dosido. Bred by ONI seed co. Colada checks all boxes with strong symmetrical growth, sturdy branching, minimal stretch in flower, high yield with excellent aromas and potency.

This exotic cultivar’s bright tropical notes are balanced by fragrant earthy undertones. Coladas’ beautifully frosted hand-trimmed buds have plenty of visual appeal, complimented by a sweetly spiced and sedating terpene profile.

Aromas and flavours reminiscent of tropical fruits and sunscreen are reminiscent of sitting on a sunny Caribbean beach with an iced-out Colada in hand.

Available in Flower, Hash, and Rosin.


Farm Gas is a cultivar well-deserving of its name. Pungent and hard hitting notes of diesel, kerosene and gas cut through the top end of the flavour profile. Being a GMO cross Farm Gas has a subtle Chem taste with a slightly sweet finish.

Showing off a very exotic flower set Farm Gas has a unique visual appeal. Bright, colourful buds are studded with sticky trichromes and display bright mint greens along side lavender shades of purple.

Farm gas has some get up and go as one would expect! Leaning to the Cerebral side of the spectrum this cultivar is a great choice for day or evening.

Available in Flower, Pre-rolls, Hash, Rosin.

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Black Milk

North 40 is proud to be the first to bring this extremely special clone-only breeders cut to the Canadian marketplace. Black Milk crosses (Black Cherry Punch x Jelly BreathBX1) with the insane Cereal Milk Breeders cut from Right Hemisphere Genetics. Both work together in making one of the most exciting releases so far!

This wild-looking variety has loads of exotic visual appeal that pairs excellently with its unique top-shelf terpene profile. We’re betting on this one to bring the BCP genetic to a whole new level of amazing!

Grab your pajamas and flick on the TV, this one is going to bring you right back to Saturday morning cartoons with its sharp Froot Loops funk. Follow your nose into purple waves of black cherry and sour gas leaving a sweet sticky grape flavour lingering between hits.


Cres·cen·do: [krəˈSHenˌdō]


a. A gradual increase in the volume or intensity of sound.

b. A passage played with a gradual increase in volume or intensity.

According to the official definition Crescendo is basically LOUD! We couldn’t agree more. Bred by ETHOS Genetics, this specific cut was selected for its loud mandarin orange profile. Studded with heavy resin heads from the flowers all the way to the tips of the leaves, Crescendo is a resin factory, pumping out intense aromas and unique cannabinoids.

This shining example of elite genetics exudes a smell of canned mandarin orange slices with a back end of sour fruit reminiscent of overripe guavas and tangerine. You can’t turn the loud down so warn your neighbours before hitting your crescendo!

High Octane

Kick things into overdrive with High Octane! If an extra dose of dank is what you’re after, you’ve found your lane. Bred by the creator of some of todays most hyped strains, coming from high echelon genetics such as Sunset Sherbet and Triangle Kush, Seedjunky has done it again.

With very heavy “creeper” type effects High Octane can be a great choice for those used to extremely potent cannabis. Effects are reported to be felt in waves that start as a low body buzz, then head straight for the dome with a “headband” type feeling and a cerebral high.

One of the funkiest cuts around High Octane has the terps to fuel your day. Expect an aroma and flavor that is gassy and smooth with a creamy, floral finish on the exhale.



Zookies is an evenly balanced hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Animal Cookies X GG4 strains. Buds are dense, round, olive green with dark purple undertones and a coated in frosty white crystal trichomes.

If you’re a fan of the Cookie family, this bud is for you! Zookies brings together the delicious cookie flavors you know and love, and blends them with the mind-bending potency of GG4 for a super lifted and long-lasting effect that some find relaxes from head to toe.

Complex waves of sweet and spice warm up the flavour palate, complimented by sharp pepper notes that finish up with a light, earthy, cookie flavour exhale.

Black Cherry Punch

The One and Only BCP! Often imitated but never duplicated, this purple powerhouse bred by In-House Genetics has truly created quite the buzz. One of the first cultivars to break the 30% mark in Canada, Black Cherry Punch has become synonymous with killer flavor and intense effects.

Pointed exotic flowers encased in tiny silver trichomes are sure to please even the most discerning. Matching its flavors with the appropriate colors truly make her stand out from the crowd. Hues ranging from red through royal purple taunt the senses as its overwhelming smell will have you wondering how this is even possible.

Black Cherry Punch is exactly as it sounds: packed full of cherry goodness that morphs black cherries into artificial Sweet-tart cherry, and finishes with a light and fresh herbal vibe.

Green Crack

Legend has it that this cultivar was originally called Green Cush, however, in the early 2000s, Snoop Dogg got his hands and lungs on it, then deemed the potent sativa Crack! Green Crack! because of its intense head high. And so Green Cush became Green Crack forever more.

Thanks Snoop!

Green Crack has an unmistakable flavour profile of mango sweetness, Fruity and floral overtones matched by sharp gassy and peppery undertones. With it’s energetic and uplifting effect Green Crack is great for day-time usage.